Daily self-training:

Step by step towards more self-management

Personality development is a process.

Our short daily training sessions support employees on this path.

The individual exercises can be easily integrated into daily (working) life and offer the opportunity to try out directly in practice what has been learned. 

Our training sequence

We support every company during its individual training journey, from set-up of the training until its completion.

Future-oriented soft skills for a strong personality
are the focus of the Sibando Tainings

The training promotes these skills in particular:


> Better self-regulation and -management

> More flexibility and higher resilience

> Mental strength

> Higher self-awareness

> Solution-oriented mindset

> Social competence

> Conscious communication

The highlights

of the training platform

A variety of interactive training formats

Our short daily training sessions and warm-up exercises provide impulses & tools for integrating daily learning into everyday work based on the latest neuroscientific and practice-oriented findings.

Systematic holistic training structure

At the beginning of the training the individual focus areas are identified through an assessment.

During the training modules the soft skills are trained in daily life.

In the final assessment an individual farther-reaching development plan will be defined.

Change dashboard and monitoring

With the dashboard, managers and employees can track the progress of training at any time. In an aggregated and anonymised form –  compliant with GDPR requirements - possible fields of action for the organisation can be identified.

Flexible daily scheduling

The Sibando Platform technology allows for scalable and industry-independent deployment and lets employees flexibly integrate their training units into their daily work routine.

Better company results

through focused soft skills training

Through the training of dealing with one's own thoughts and emotions, we promote the growth-oriented mindset of managers and employees.

Sibando promotes company-wide:

  • higher motivation to develop
  • solution orientation and better achievement of goals
  • stronger resilience
  • self-organization in teams
  • higher employee loyalty
  • a learning organization
  • Strengthening of personal responsibility

The advantages of Sibando

for companies

Companywide trainings

42% of companies do not have sufficient budgets for personal development of all employees (Bitkom Research, 2018)

Sibando offers a holistic training for employees and managers at all levels of the company.

With its focus on soft skills, Sibando takes HR development in companies to a new level.

New type of personnel development

65% of employees want to improve their personality skills (study "Anatomy of work" by Asana, 2020)

Business transformation

66% of managers do not regard their employees sufficiently prepared for the digital transformation (Comteam study, 2019)

Sibando enables managers and employees to actively manage business transformations by promoting a growth-oriented mindset.

Sibando improves employee satisfaction and increases employee retention.

Corporate loyalty

69% of employees only do "work to rule" (Gallup Engagement Index, 2020)

Sustainable work mentality

51% of companies see a need for development of "ability to change, flexibility & adaptability" (Workforce Transformation Study, 2020).

Sibando develops and integrates a sustainable work mentality in every organisation.

Integrating coaching and training offers

for our software solution

With our experienced and qualified coaches and experts, we support the participants throughout the training program and beyond.

1-to-1 Coaching