The Sibando mentality

At Sibando, we help shape the digital transformation of the new working world and give it a new dimension.


We are an experienced and solution-oriented team with the goal of giving managers and employees easy access to their own personal development in order to integrate a growth-oriented mindset.


Through our innovative concept we offer a unique solution.

My intention

For me, the path of personal development is a process that everyone can follow for themselves, learning new things and gaining insights at every single step. This changes the view of each individual on themselves and their environment. This leads to a new mentality. The more aware we become of our thoughts and the origins of our own emotions and the resulting actions, the more creative and brave we become in shaping our lives.


We enable employees and managers to recognise and use their mental world as the basis for their personal development. To support this, we have designed impulses and tools that combine the knowledge of experts and scientists with practical exercises and can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Marzieh Amiri, Founder & CEO

Our Team

Sibando Team

Antonia Wieduwilt

Product & Project Manager

Marzieh Amiri

Founder & CEO

Klaus Hufnagel

Chief Finance Officer

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