For the Soft Skills
of tomorrow

Sibando is the digital training platform for personnel development for the working world of the future.

We promote the soft skills necessary for employees to manage constant change.

With training modules that build on each other, we promote a growth mindset and strengthen the personality of each individual and the common willingness to create and shape in every company.


From now on, you can become a part of our story and revolutionise the mindset of tomorrow with us.

With our current financing round via FunderNation, you can participate in Sibando's success from as little as EUR 100.

What makes Sibando special

A holistic training concept for the individual development of soft skills for all managers and employees

We establish a mode of integrated learning in the daily working routine.

With the help of 5-7 minute daily impulses and exercises,

over a period of 3 months, we promote the personality development of employees in companies.

Employees develop a clear self-image. While doing that they go through 6 interactive training modules covering different topics areas related to future-oriented soft skills.

How the Sibando training platform works

The Sibando training starts with a personal assessment as a baseline to evaluate the training success at the end of the training.

Each training module includes daily workouts alternating between Warmups and training exercises. Warmups are designed to help employees expand their mind or learn to relax mentally and physically. In the training exercises they will receive exciting impulses and tools for everyday life.

In addition to the training, the Sibando platform offers several other features such as “My Way” for progress management, “Dashboard” as a monitoring overview and “Community” to promote companywide exchange.

Added value of the Sibando training

Flexibility & Adaptability

A growth-oriented mindset among employees promotes adaptability and the willingness to use change as an opportunity.

Better Company Results

The higher creative motivation, through knowing one's own strengths and competences, increases productivity and efficiency.

Strengthening Employee Loyalty

The Sibando Training is supportive, appreciative, motivating, connective and establishes a new kind of work mentality.

Sibando supports 4 of the 17

Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

Goal 3 "Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”


By promoting a healthy mindset, we support the strengthening of mental health.

Goal 8 "Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”.


Changing the work mentality gives companies new approaches to be successful both humanly and economically in a sustainable way.

Goal 4 "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all


Our focus is to establish lifelong learning as a mindset.

Goal 10 "Reduce inequality within and among countries.”


We provide organisation-wide training for individual learning and soft skills development for every employee.

The 8 aspects of the Sibando Training

Our systematic holistic training program towards more willingness to change.


Our Vision

A living and working world in which people have the necessary soft skills to master constant change.

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